Have you been arrested and charged with a DWI in NJ? When this happens, it is critical that you hire an experienced DWI attorney right away like the Law Offices of Christopher L. Baxter – New Jersey DWI lawyer.  Depending on the circumstances, it is possible to get a DWI charge reduced or even dropped, but it takes a skilled and knowledgeable attorney to make your case. The penalties for DWI are harsh. Many states will pull your driver’s license for at least 30 days and often even longer. You could also spend some time in jail and will almost always have to attend some type of alcohol rehabilitation program.

If this is your first DWI, the right attorney may be able to get your reduced penalties or even get you off altogether. It is best to find your own attorney when facing DWI charges. While this may be expensive, it is certainly worth the cost if your attorney can help get you out of the charges.

Chances are you will be arrested or at least detained if you are charged with DWI. You should be able to leave jail on your own recognizance, but you will have to appear in court for arraignment. Before your court appearance, you should interview at least three DWI attorneys. Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation. You will meet with the attorney to discuss your case, and they will provide you advice on how to continue.

When you meet with the attorneys, there are some questions you should ask. It is important that you hire someone who is experienced in dealing with DWIs, so ask them how long they’ve been in practice and how often they deal with DWI cases.

Ask the attorney about their experience with DWI cases and their track record. There are many types of lawyers, and you want to ensure you hire one who is comfortable handling a DWI case. The more experience the attorney has with your type of case, the more likely the positive result.

It is also important to know your attorney is willing and able to represent you if your case goes to trial. Most DWI cases end up being settled before trial, either through a plea bargain or entry into an alcohol diversion program. If it appears your case will end up at trial, you want to know your attorney is capable of successfully representing you.

Another important consideration is finding out who will be handling your case. Many larger law firms have paralegals and associates who do most of the work on the lawyers’ cases. It is best if you meet with the lawyer that will be the one working on your case. It is also important to review how the lawyer will communicate with you about your case.

Of course, you will want to know the costs. Ask the attorney about their fees and their fee schedule. Do they offer a payment plan if you can’t pay in full? Are they additional costs for photocopying, drafting documents and emails? These costs can add up.

Finding the right person is important when you hire a DWI attorney. Meet with several attorneys and ask these questions before making a final decision.